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Living a joyful, simple life

For many of us, our lives are very stressful. We’re under pressure at work, have commitments at home and financial responsibilities that may challenge us. Many of us want our lives to be happier, but cannot see how to do this without making big changes in our lives. It is possible to change without needing more money, more time or more energy. Often, we already have everything we need to enjoy life, it’s just recognizing that fact and prioritizing what makes us happy.

The power of change

power of change

We all have an instinctive nature, but we don’t always trust this. Taking on other people’s opinions and advice we get confused, instead of trusting our own decisions and ability to live with the consequences. Learn to trust your instinct, take time to relax and reconnect with this inner resource to deal with the changes you want to make in your life.

Community life

community life

None of us can live in isolation. Many of us are members of online groups, but we need offline face-to-face connections too and not just with family. Get to know your neighbors, work colleagues and people you meet regularly when we’re out and about. Community is one of the most important needs we have. Making a consistent effort to engage in the community introduces us to new ideas and perspectives that may inspire us or open up opportunities we’d not previously considered.

Wish list

wish list

We’ve all got a wish list whether that be learning a new skill or to go travelling. You may think there are barriers stopping you from doing what you wish, but make a commitment to try to complete a wish within the next twelve months. These new experiences will give you joy and create good memories that you can record in a journal. Make choices around how you spend your time so that you have space to enjoy the world around you. Create time to walk outside in nature and feel the wind on your face and the sun on your skin. Exercise releases endorphins, natural pain-relieving and stress-busting chemicals.

Be grateful

be grateful

To live simply, remove physical clutter to create a calmer environment. Gift what you no longer need or sell it and spend the money on one on the wishes on your list. Be grateful for what you have. A roof over your head and food on the table means you are richer than most on the planet. Keep a daily focus on what to be grateful for. Write three different things every day for six months. If you can, volunteer to help others. This gives meaning and purpose in our lives even if the task isn’t particularly exciting.