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Marriage Wisdom

When you met your beloved and got married, you may have looked forward to a life lived happily ever after. Marriage is your commitment to one another as two human beings with faults and frailties. Whilst sometimes you feel a lack of love when tired or stressed, remember that these are just feelings. You’re a team who can work through all things with honesty, compromise and humour. Marriage isn’t all about looking at each other, but more importantly about you both looking in the same direction together.

Daily Habits

daily habitsAsk yourself what you can do each day to make your spouse’s life happier. Make it a daily habit to do something nice, whether it be making a hot coffee when they wake or ironing a shirt. If you notice something in the shops that you know your beloved would love but cannot justify buying it for themselves, surprise them with the item as a gift. Valentine’s day for example is great time to do it! Find great Valentine’s gift ideas here. If they have mentioned in conversation something that they like, make it happen whether it’s buying a craft beer or arranging a visit to the zoo. These gifts show not just that you are aware and listening, but that you want what is best for your other half.


teamworkBe sincere when you compliment your beloved. Say thank you for the little things they do that make your life easier. Appreciate your partner’s strengths as well as their weaknesses. Show them how much you love them by being supportive when they are weak and proud when they are strong. Respect each other and be kind. Talk to each other if you’re upset about behaviour you don’t like. Be careful not to make rude and hurtful comments, particularly in public. Laugh at the little mistakes and make allowances when times are difficult with work and family commitments.
You got married because you love to spend time with your spouse. Learn something new together, perhaps go dancing or take cookery lessons. Go for a walk and relax in nature, the effects of biophilia creates a perfect environment to be open and honest and talk about anything. It’s important that you really listen to each other.
If you have children, it’s not easy to be alone. When the children are asleep or staying over with friends or family, sit together and catch up on the weeks events and make plans for the future. Spend time together as a family too, make it a night for all of you to play a board game or create a short movie.

Special dates

special datesAlways remember important dates throughout the year. These are dates when you can plan something special with a gift to show you care. Remember your loved one’s birthday, the day you first met and never forget your Wedding anniversary. If you struggle to find a gift for your wedding anniversary there are symbolic gifts for each year that can help. This is your chance to say ‘Thank You’ to your beloved for being in your life.